Precision Rifle Chassis System

Remington PSR Kit 86642 | Remington MSR

The Remington PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) also known as the Remington MSR (Modular Sniper Rifle) is the sniper rifle that won the SOCOM PSR Competition. The Remington PSR beat out the following impressive list of sniper rifles. SOCOM PSR Competition Candidates, Accuracy International AX 338, ArmaLite AR-30, Barrett MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) Blaser Tactical 2, Desert Tactical Arms SRS, FN Ballista, PGM 338, Sako TRG M10, he Remington PSR is now available to purchase as a kit

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The TIMNEY RUGER PRECISION RIFLE 2 STAGE TRIGGER is a self-contained, 100% DROP-IN TRIGGER ready to install in your Ruger Precision Rifle for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, two-stage trigger pull. No gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required.
The TIMNEY RUGER PRECISION RIFLE 2 STAGE TRIGGER is also CNC machined, heat treated and coated. The sear is wire EDM cut, heat treated to 58-60 Rockwell and Teflon-nickel coated for lubricity and dependable, long-lasting service life.

Timney offers this 2 stage trigger for the Ruger Precision Rifle. The pull weight is factory calibrated for an eight-ounce first stage and one -pound second stage (the second stage is adjustable from 8-ounces to 2.5 pounds of pull weight)

The 2-Stage trigger features machined and hardened steel work surfaces and the sears are Teflon-nickel coated for added lubricity. The trigger housing and shoe are CNC machined using state-of-the-art robotics and the sears are EDM cut from high-grade solid steel. The trigger housing utilizes an anodized aluminum body and the trigger shoe and safety are carbonitrided which dramatically increases the surface hardness and wear-resistance properties of the metal.

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Savage Arms and Drake Stealth Rifle BA10 | BA110

Savage teamed with Drake Associates to expand this “BA” line of long-range chassis rifles. The new Model 10/110 BA Stealth features a factory-blueprinted Model 10/110 barreled action mated to a custom version of the Drake Hunter/Stalker monolithic chassis, which has been enhanced to Savage’s specifications.

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What happens when you cross a Weatherby Vanguard Rifle with a MDT LSS Chassis? Well to start with you get something I never dreamed I would see. Beyond that the end result is the Weatherby Vanguard Modular Chassis. I have no proof that the Weatherby Vanguard Modular Chassis uses a MDT LSS Chassis other than my eyes.

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