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Precision Rifles & Precision Rifle Chassis Systems

Magpul Pro 700L Remington 700 Long Action Chassis

Magpul has followed up their Pro 700 Chassis Remington 700 Short Action Chassis with the new Pro 700L series. The Pro 700L is the long action version of the chassis for popular calibers such as .300 Winchester Magnum, 30-06 Springfield, 7mm Remington Magnum etc. The chassis are feature rich and available in 3 colors. They are priced between $900-$1000 which is higher than I would expect given how competitive the field is. I plan on getting one and seeing how it compares to my MDT’s.

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MDT CKYE Pod Bipod

If you’re a match shooter or hunter looking for a game changing piece of gear, look no further than the MDT CKYE-POD. Quality craftsmanship and fast, simple adjustments make this bipod the ultimate in versatility.

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Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16×44 FFP Rifle Scope

Vortex 4-16x44mm Diamondback Tactical Riflescopes are designed with First Focal Plane function, making it easier to use subtensions even at higher magnification levels. These Riflescopes from Vortex are equipped with Zero Reset enabled tactical windage and elevation turrets with precise clicks for accurate adjustments. The Vortex 4-16x44mm Diamondback Tactical FFP Riflescope has anti-reflective coatings on all exposed glass surfaces to improve visibility in low light conditions even without illumination. Count on the fogproof, shockproof Vortex 4-16x44mm Diamondback FFP Riflescope for your next hunt or competition.

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Modular Driven Technologies has sent out a few black friday sales emails today. Im mostly interested in the LSS Chassis for $239, I will order on Friday (Payday). I will probably go for a $269 long action version. There is outstanding deals on cosmetic blemished factory seconds. Examples, a left handed TAC 21 is $276!!!. Equally intriguing is the skeleton stocks that are $100-$150 off. I don’t think I can swing a stock and a chassis though. If anyone reading this purchases something that’s a factory second I would like to see some pictures and hear some feedback about what the cosmetic defects are. 

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APO SABER M700 30-06 Sport TAC Modern Sport Utility Rifle

APO Custom Shop client Britton, an experienced and accomplished hunter out in Montana, offered to field test APO’s SABER M700 Sport-TAC rifle chambered in .30-06 this hunting season. He’s got tags for big game and predators which are a great match for the .30-06 Sport-TAC! In 2016 Britton cleanly harvested this nice Montana Big Horn Sheep at 388 yards and this Pronghorn Antelope (above) in 2017 at 596 yards both with his APO custom built SPR-300WM precision rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. Really nice field shooting!

Britton plans to give the SABER M700 Sport-TAC a real-world workout over a couple of months in different configurations on his upcoming hunts. APO provided him with a complete rifle, ammunition and various modular shoulder stocks, hinges and alternate forends so he could set up the SABER M700 Sport-TAC MSR the way he wants to hunt with it! Also, we’ll get some honest feedback on APO’s use of the very popular Magpul CTR carbine shoulder stock with ¾” cheek riser on this field rifle and does it really work for hunting or just look tactic-cool?

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The MDT ACC: A competition chassis designed to give shooters complete control over balance and recoil reduction – with a little help from solid steel.

The Adjustable Core Competition Chassis has a fully customizable steel weight system integrated in the buttstock, barrel channel and forend. Balance your rifle, reduce recoil, stay on target – with the ACC (and 9 pounds of modular weight) you can have your metal as heavy as you like it.

The ACC (Adjustable Core Competition) Chassis is designed around an integrated, modular weight system which allows you to customize the balance and mass of your rifle to maximize performance and minimize recoil.
The ACC comes with a Skelton Rifle Stock with a steel butt pad plate for added weight and has a dedicated space to add even more weight to the stock if required.

The ACC Chassis features a full Arca rail the entire length of the forend and M-LOK mounting points for accessories and additional forend weights – both internal and external – allowing you to add up to an additional 9 pounds of steel to your rifle.

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More than a rifle, a fully optimized system that’ll stretch your effective range and shrink your groups like no other production rifle in the world today. 
The all-new Model 700 PCR (Precision Chassis Rifle) pairs the strongest action ever conceived – our legendary Model 700 – with an exclusive aircraft- grade aluminum alloy chassis of unmatched rigidity and atmospheric immunity to create the most stable and consistent platform possible for launching long- distance shots. It’s a potent combination made even more effective with a host of accurizing upgrades that include a 24” barrel with 5R rifling, free-floated in an aluminum handguard, plus a completely user-configurable Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock for the ultimate in comfort from any shooting position. Its sub-MOA accuracy is confirmed using our advanced CATS (Computer Aided Targeting System) before it ever gets to you. But the best part is confirming
its tack-driving superiority for yourself. Available in three popular long-range chamberings including 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win, and 260 Remington.

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When Magpul announced the Remington 700 Hunter Stock I remember thinking to myself that it wouldn’t be long until we see a precision rifle chassis from them. I also remember thinking that a well designed priced right precision rifle chassis from Magpul could dominate the low to mid range rifle chassis market. Well I’m here to report the good news that Magpul has officially announced the “Magpul Pro 700” rifle chassis. Unfortunately though I’m more than a little surprised by the $1000 MSRP. That is three times the cost of the hunter stock and in my opinion about 1/3 higher than it should be because at that price shooters are at the price of a complete Savage Stealth or Ruger Precision Rifle. Those are great tack driver chassis based rifles for the cost of the Magpul Pro 700 chassis. Insult to injury the lack of an ARCA plate is a deal breaker for precision rifle crowd. Now with that said I’m a big believer in actually trying hardware first hand instead of relying on critical negative reviews of a product very few have seen or touched. Additionally Magpul still has time to address any perceived shortcomings pointed out by the community.

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The Ruger Precision Rifle is one of the most innovative and exciting precision-rifle platforms on the market, and the addition of a PROOF Research carbon fiber barrel can enhance the platform and bring its performance to the next level. The carbon fiber barrel from PROOF Research features an internal barrel constructed with 416R stainless-steel that features match-grade qualities. The company then surrounds the barrel with its patented carbon-fiber-based matrix, which provides a number of incredible features. The barrels are 64 percent lighter than standard options. Accuracy is guaranteed with match-grade components. Barrel life is improved through enhanced heat dissipation. Barrel harmonics are improved, as well as reduced POI shift during fire. The PROOF Research carbon fiber barrel for the Ruger Precision Rifle also features a threaded muzzle with 5/8×24 TPI thread pitch, making it easy to add a number of aftermarket accessories to the gun’s muzzle.

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The bolt action rifle has remained fundamentally unchanged for over 150 years. Sure there have been improvements and refinements but for the most part the basic rifle remains unchanged. There’s a receiver with a barrel threaded in to it. The barreled action is placed in a hunk of wood called the rifle stock. A scope is attached directly to the receiver or action. The action is fed by either an internal magazine or external box type magazine. The action is cycled by by lifting up the bolt, sliding it fully rearwards then returning it forwards and down to it’s locked position. Take the safety off, pull the trigger and “bang”. Repeat as necessary. Obviously the previous is over simplified.

Today we are on the precipice of great changes to the bolt action rifle.. Almost weekly some rifle chassis manufacturer or traditional firearm manufacturer announces a new rifle chassis system or a complete rifle built upon a chassis. The chassis eliminates the wood stock formerly used in bolt action rifles. The chassis in many ways are making bolt action rifles more AR-15 or AR-10 like. In fact many rifle chassis utilize AR stocks, pistol grips, scope mounts and any other picatinney rail mounted hardware you can imagine.

The changes do not end theres. Taking a play from Savage some clever folks are adapting Savage drop-in barrels to Remington 700 receivers. This method is called “Remage”. There are currently 3rd party Remington 700 action clones designed for Savage barrels. Not to be beaten at it’s own game several of Remington sniper rifles such as the PSR, MSR and CSR feature quick change barrels that look similar to that of an AR-15. It’s a matter of time before a modular quick change barrel system like that makes it to consumer rifles. We are seeing bolts that feature the best locking methods of all firearms combined in to bolts. These new rifle chassis are also in some cases allowing users to choose the type of magazine whether AR-15, AR 308 or AICS.

The future is also here with ammunition. Despite an emotional debate of purists in love with the .308 Winchester and it’s long proven history 6.5 Creedmoor is poised to be the long range accuracy cartridge king. If the military adopts 6.5 Creedmoor and brings the ammo cost down that will be a game changing moment for shooters and snipers alike.

The purpose of this site is to keep up with these changes for a future, current and historical perspective.