Accuracy International AT AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle .300 Winchester Magnum

Accuracy International AT AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle .300 Win Mag

It seems as though each time I decide to create a rifle project for this website, something such as hardware availability, funds, life, or a combination of all those things gets in the way of its completion. This time around, I decided on a project that features essential, necessary hardware presently available, and I’m willing to throw the weight of my credit card at it.

Accuracy International AWM Arctic Warfare L96A1

This rifle was born partly out of nostalgia for early Accuracy International rifles and chassis, partly out of having a brand new .300 Winchester Magnum chambered Remington Model 700 XCR Tactical rifle with no apparent purpose sitting in a safe. I wouldn’t say I like adding descriptive titles or names to my rifle build projects, but it’s necessary to help potential visitors and search engines locate the content. To that end, this build is officially referred to as the “Accuracy International AT AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle .300 Winchester Magnum”. In my opinion, the name is appropriate, and the build accurately describes a rifle at home where long-range precision, accuracy, and energy are important.

Accuracy International MK13 Mod 5 300 Win Mag Sniper Rifle

Why .300 Winchester Magnum?

Why .300 Win Mag? The answer is multifaceted. I’m generally known as a “.308 guy”, and owning is significant evidence of that, but I also have a strong preference for .22 long rifle, and the caliber of choice for this rifle .300 Winchester Magnum.

Years ago, in the mid-1990’s I frequently visited my best friend in Vermont. While out driving around I noticed that every mom&pop gas station and country store sold ammunition; aside from the typical calibers you would expect on the shelves, such as 30-30, .308 Winchester, .243, and 30-06, they also stocked .300 Winchester Magnum. That ammo availability wasn’t lost on me then, and it isn’t lost on me now.

In my youth, I became spoiled by a wonderfully accurate, flat shooting 22-250 Remington Heavy Barrel Varmint Rifle. That flat-shooting accuracy is addictive. The .300 Win Mag performs similarly except at longer ranges with bullets many times heavier. The .300 win mag heavy bullets are less affected by the elements and capable of killing or hitting bullseyes at a greater distance.

I’m also a believer in sticking with military calibers as they are purposely selected by the military and usually lead to low-cost, high-quality ammunition. In fact, .308 Winchester and .300 Winchester Magnum are the default sniper and counter-sniper rounds for military and law enforcement. Read what Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle says about the .300 Win Mag cartridge.

The final reason I chose the .300 win mag was simple economics. .300 Winchester ammunition is significantly less expensive than .338 Lapua Magnum.



Accuracy International AICS AT Remington 700 Chassis

Accuracy International AICS AT 1.5 Chassis Pale Brown 26698PB

As I wrote at the top of this page, there’s a bit of nostalgia driving this “Accuracy International AICS AT Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle .300 Winchester Magnum” build. For many years I have followed the evolution of Accuracy International sniper rifles and chassis. I like the way they look and history documents their performance.

Accuracy International AICS AT 1.5 Chassis

I opted for the Accuracy International AICS AT 1.5 Chassis for this build. I chose the 1.5 fixed stock version because I don’t need the folding stock, and I don’t need to spend the additional $800. The AICS AT rifle chassis is geared toward law enforcement and civilian users. The AX AICS is geared towards military professionals and costs double the AT AICS and the chassis. I purchased the Remington 700 Long Action Accuracy International AICS Rifle Chassis at EuroOptic.

What’s the difference between the Accuracy International AICS AT 1.5 and Accuracy International AICS AT 2.0? The 1.5 features a fixed stock, while the 2.0 features a folding stock.

I purchased the Accuracy International Thumbhole Grip Upgrade Kit. The Accuracy International Thumbhole Grip Upgrade Kit wasn’t available from US-based retailers, and I ended up ordering from Sporting Services located in West Sussex, UK. The cost delivered from the UK was less expensive than domestic sources.


Remington 700 XCR Tactical Long Range Rifle 84462

Remington Model 700 XCR Tactical Rifle Long Range Rifle .300 Winchester Magnum 84462

I have been sitting on a brand new, in-the-box Remington Model 700 XCR Tactical Rifle Long Range Rifle .300 Winchester Magnum for a few years and decided it was time to put the rifle to good use. In its day, the Remington 700 XCR Tactical was an excellent value for a .300WM rifle. The rifle features a protective coating designed to withstand the harshest environments and a renowned Remington 40x adjustable trigger. There’s some confusion with the trigger type in the XCR, and I’ll cover that in the trigger section below. 

What does XCR stand for? It stands for “Xtreme Condition Rifle”.

Remington Model 700 XCR Tactical .300 Winchester Magnum

Remington Model 700 XCR Tactical Description:

Never before has a rifle this durable and rugged been introduced to the world of hunting. Featuring Remington’s proprietary TriNyte Corrosion Control System, the Model 700 XCR (Xtreme Conditions Rifle) is virtually impervious to even the most extreme conditions. Remington tactical rifles are the perfect solution for long-range precision shooters. A long-time favorite of both the military and tactical police units, the Model 700 delivers the legendary accuracy and unfailing performance you’ve come to expect.

The Model 700 XCR Tactical Rifle, features a Remington 40x externally adjustable trigger and 416 stainless steel barreled action with Black TriNyte PVD coating, providing a diamond-hard layer of defense against the elements.

A new feature, the tactical Bell & Carlson stock comes in OD green with black webbing and features a full-length aluminum bedding block, tactical beaver-tail fore-end, and a recessed thumb-hook feature for optimum “off-the-bench” shooting performance. The barrel features wide tactical-style fluting for rapid cooling.

Remington Model 700 XCR Tactical Rifle Long Range Rifle Features:

  • Tactical Bell & Carlson stock in OD Green with black webbing
  • Black TriNyte Corrosion Control System over 416 stainless steel for uncompromised strength and corrosion/abrasion resistance
  • 26″ varmint-contour 416 stainless steel barreled action with dish-style target crown, drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • Remington 40x adjustable trigger, hinged floorplate magazine, dual front swivel studs, and rear stud
  • Free-floating barrel with LTR-style fluting

Remington Model 700 XCR Tactical Rifle Long Range Rifle Details:

Remington 700 XCR Tactical .300 Win Mag Bolt Action Rifle – 84462

  • Caliber: .300 Win Mag
  • Action Type: Bolt Action
  • Capacity: 3
  • Sights: None, Drilled and Tap for Scope Mounts
  • Trigger: Remington 40x Adjustable
  • Receiver Finish: Black TriNyte PVD Corrosion Control System
  • Stock: Composite, Tactical Bell & Carlson
  • Stock Finish: OD Green with Black Webbing
  • LOP: 13 3/8″
  • Barrel Material: 416 Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Length: 26″
  • Overall Length: 45 3/4″
  • Overall Weight: 8 1/2 lbs.


AI AT AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle Trigger

Remington 40X Trigger Assembly

There’s some confusion regarding the Remington XCR trigger type. Some specifications state the included trigger is the Remington 40X Trigger Assembly, and others state the X Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger Assembly. Some articles state that Remington began including the 40X trigger in rifles geared toward law enforcement and military applications while others state its caliber dependent and the .300 Win Mag chambering includes the 40X. To me, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to try the trigger for a while and if I don’t like it I’ll replace it with either a Jewell HVRTSBR or a Timney Remington 700 HIT Trigger.

Update: I have confirmed that my Remington XCR includes the X-Mark Pro and not the 40X trigger.

Download: Remington 40X Trigger Adjustment Instructions

Remington 40X Trigger Safety Check Adjustment Instructions


After reassembly, the following checks for the proper function of the safety should be made.

Close bolt. Put safety ON SAFE, Lift bolt handle. (Bolt handle should not raise). Pull the trigger (firing pin should not fall). The action of the trigger pull should be smooth (no bind, drag,
click or catch). Release trigger (trigger should return to former position). Put safety ON FIRE position (firing pin should not fall). Pull the trigger (firing pin should fall). Repeat the test at least
three (3) times.

Safety should function on two (2) positive stop positions (ON SAFE — FIRE). If positions are not positive, check parts. Inspect detent holes, retainer, retainer pin, detent, detent spring, and related parts for a possible cause. Replace any worn or damaged parts and lubricate with a dry lubricant. Re-assemble and check. If stop positions are not positive replace the complete trigger housing assembly.

NOTE: Lubrication should not be used as a remedy for the trigger housing assembly problems. The cause should be positively located and corrected. When repairing trigger housing assembly wash parts thoroughly with a petroleum solvent. An accumulation of gun oil or dried oil can build a film that may cause malfunctions. Relubricate with a dry lubricant and reassemble. Check clearance between the trigger and trigger connector .010 MAX. slip fit (MIN.) with a feeler gauge (see Fig. 1). Check trigger connector for straightness and cracks at trigger stop screw hole. Make sure there is no bind or catch in the trigger, sear safety cam, or safety lever about pivots.

Sear safety cam and trigger connector engagement of .010” — .015” on target rifles is critical (see Fig. 3). Replace any worn or damaged parts. To adjust, close bolt, and place safety OFF SAFE. Turn trigger engagement screw clockwise until rifle fires. Turn the screw counterclockwise 14 turns (90°) and check engagement, (see note A). Corners must be sharp. (Arrows).

To adjust the trigger stop screw, close the bolt and put safety OFF SAFE. Turn trigger stop screw clockwise until it touches the trigger. Pull and hold trigger rearward. Turn trigger stop screw
counterclockwise until rifle fires. Turn an additional 1/8 turn for clearance, (see note A).

When replacing the trigger housing assembly, take care not to bend or spring the housing. Sear safety cam should pivot freely. To check, remove the bolt, move the safety to OFF SAFE, pull
trigger and press down on the rear of the sear safety cam and release.

For proper safety function, there must be clearance between the trigger connector and sear safety cam. To check close bolt and put safety ON SAFE. Visually inspect through hole in side of
trigger housing (see Fig. 2). If there is no clearance, replace safety assembly, or trigger housing assembly. Corners must be sharp, (arrows).

Trigger pull adjustment on any target rifle should never be adjusted below two (2) pounds, (see note A).

To adjust trigger housing assembly design with trigger adjusting screw through trigger, (see Fig. 4). Relieve tension on trigger adjusting screw. Adjust trigger spring screw to spring load
trigger connector. Trigger connector — trigger must return to initial position after each firing cycle. Adjust trigger adjusting screw to desired trigger pull weight, (see note A). To adjust trigger housing assembly design with trigger adjusting screw located at bottom of trigger housing assembly, (see Fig. 5). Trigger spring is trapped on trigger stop screw and requires no adjustment. Trigger housing assembly of earlier design has no spring on trigger stop screw. Tension is applied to trigger connector by trigger adjusting screw spring and is adjusted with trigger adjusting screw. Adjust trigger adjusting screw to desired trigger pull weight. Trigger connector — trigger must return to its initial position after each firing cycle. Visually inspect through hole in side of trigger housing for sufficient engagement between trigger adjusting screw — trigger adjusting ball. Stake trigger housing to prevent loss of trigger adjusting screw and / or ball, (see note A).


1. “Follow Down/’ After reassembling rifle, check for “follow down” condition. (Firing pin moves to un-cocked position as bolt is closed. Put safety OFF SAFE. Close bolt smartly. The firing pin should remain cocked (dry fire to check). “Follow down” may be caused by improper sear safety cam — trigger connector engagement or by trigger being held back by interference between trigger and stock, trigger and trigger guard, and / or trigger housing. “Follow down” can also be caused by sear safety cam binding, by missing parts and / or broken connector, (see note B).

2. “Firing Pin Falls.” If firing pin falls when rifle is jarred or when bolt handle is lifted check following: Firing pin head binds in guide slot in receiver. Firing pin head and slot should align. To check, remove firing pin assembly from bolt. Reassemble bolt to receiver. Small cocking notch on rear edge of bolt should align with slot in receiver. Guide slot in the receiver should be free of burrs. Remove trigger housing and clean any burrs from slot. This malfunction may also be caused by improper sear safety cam — trigger connector engagement. Adjust engagement as previously described, (see note B).

3. “Firing Pin Fails to Fall.” If firing pin fails to fall when trigger is pulled or trigger has to be pulled more than once. See firing pin falls for possible causes and corrections. (see note B).

NOTE B: Correct malfunction 100% or return rifle to factory.

For smooth operation, a good quality gun grease should be applied to threads on bolt plug, firing pin head cocking cam at rear of bolt and on locking lug engagement area.

NOTE A: After any adjustments to trigger housing assembly screws, repeat all safety checks. Check for “follow down” See malfunctions. Restake or reseal screws with DuPont Duco cement.

When replacing stock assembly, check for clearance between following parts: Safety Lever — Stock; Trigger — Trigger Guard: Trigger — Stock.

Remington 700 AICS Long Action Magazines

AICS .300 Winchester Magnum Long Action Magazines (Remington 700)

The Accuracy International AICS AT 1.5 Chassis ships with one five-round magazine to get me started. The AICS 5 round 300 Win Mag magazines (part# AI-0479) sell for about $105. That cost has me eager to test the Accurate-Mag .300 Win Mag SSSF and the Magpul PMAG® 5 AC L, Magnum AICS magazines at half the price.

Note: I need to verify exactly what magazines are compatible with the AICS AT chassis. Don’t buy magazines from this list unless they are from Accuracy International.

AICS 5-Round .300 Winchester Magnum Magazines

  • Accuracy International AI-0479: AICS .300WM/ AW .300 Win Mag (5 Round)
  • Accuracy International AI-4368: AICS .300WM/AW .300 Win Mag (10 Round)
  • Accurate-Mag .300 Win Mag SSSF Magazine (5 Round)
  • Magpul PMAG® 5 AC L, Magnum – AICS Long Action GEN M3® AICS mag for the .300 WM family MAG698 (5 Round)
  • Savage .300 Win Mag AICS magazines (5 Round)
  • MDT Magazine AICS Long Action 300 Winchester Magnum 3.715″ 5-Round Steel Nitride

AICS Long Action Magazines 3.644 Length


Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 ZeroStop MOAR-T Riflescope C509

Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 ZeroStop MOAR-T Riflescope C509

Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 ZeroStop MOAR-T Riflescope C509

Available at EuroOptic,


Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 ZeroStop MOAR-T Riflescope C509

From Nightforce:
The Nightforce 8-32x56and12-42×56 NXSare long-range NXS hybrids incorporate all the research and development benefits Nightforce has learned in 1,000-yard benchrest competition since 1991. Nightforce has combined all the durability and features of our tactical NXS line with high-power variable magnification and a wide selection of target and field reticles, which were born out of Nightforce’s Precision Benchrest Series. These hybrid NXS models make a significant departure from the tactical applications of their predecessors to offer long-range, and benchrest shooters fast internal adjustment capabilities for precise and repeatable shot placement. The 8-32×56 and 12-42×56 NXS feature resolution and optical performance are comparable to high-end spotting scopes. Like all NXS scopes, both NXS hybrids deliver performance exceeding other riflescopes.

Nightforce built the NXS line of battlefield-ready precision riflescopes from the ground up to meet the most demanding needs shooters may have. The NXS line offers a couple of models, which include compact and full sizes. The compact models are the perfect choice for hunting dangerous game in the bush. Compact NXS scopes offer the best balance between size, weight, and magnification.

Full-size NXS models push the limits of what can be done with a tactical scope. There is no glass to metal contact, and hardened bronze materials are utilized in the adjustment and erector tube assemblies. Nightforce NXS line of riflescopes is versatile, tough, reliable, and rugged. World record-holders trust NXS riflescopes. When every shot counts, count on Nightforce NXS, the toughest riflescope on the planet. Features of the NXS include:

  • Supreme tactical-proven reliability
  • Hand-aligned mil-spec-bedded lenses
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body
  • Glass-etched illuminated reticles
  • Select models have ZeroStop absolute-zero-return turrets

Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 ZeroStop MOAR-T Riflescope C509 Specifications


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Scope Weight:34 oz
  • Scope Length:15.9″
  • Magnification Range:8x to 32x
  • Scope Objective Diameter:56mm
  • Scope Tube Size / Mount:30 mm
  • Turret Adjustment (Click Value):.25 moa / 65 moa elevation travel
  • Parallax Adjustment:50 yards – infinity
  • Reticle Position: Second Focal Plane
  • Reticle Details: Illuminated MOAR™-T Reticle
  • Field of View:12.1 – 3.1′
  • Exit Pupil:7 – 1.8mm
  • Eye Relief:3.8″
  • Illuminated Reticle: Yes
  • Scope Finish: matte black
  • Scope Turret Rotation: Counter Clockwise (CCW)
  • Product TypeRiflescopes
  • UPC847362007137
  • MPNC509

Nightforce NP-2DD Reticle Subtensions

Nightforce NP-2DD Reticle Subtensions

Nightforce NP-2DD Reticle Subtensions

Favored by two classes of shooters, the NP-2DD is the reticle most preferred for predator hunting in low light conditions. When measured at 22x, tapered horizontal bars reaching 4 M.O.A. from the center and a floating .1875 M.O.A. center dot draw the hunter’s eye to the center for quick target acquisition with minimal illumination flare around the center Aimpoint. This reticle is also highly functional for benchrest shooters when combined with Nightforce Precision Benchrest models. A secondary .125 M.O.A. diameter dot is located 8 M.O.A. below center at 22x. This dot is a 500-600 yard holdover point for most flat-shooting cartridges. This simple and effective reticle performs in long-range situations while maintaining quick target acquisition capability for short distances.

1,000-yard benchrest competitors prefer the NP-2DD reticle when selecting the 8-32×56 and 12-42×56 models in the Precision Benchrest series for its optimum dot subtension. The unobstructed field-of-view allows the shooter to observe the wind flags to detect a change of condition.

Suggested Use: Varmint, 1000 yard benchrest

Spuhr QDP-3006 One Piece Scope Mount 34mm Height 30mm Tube Quick Detach

Spuhr QDP-3006 One Piece Scope Mount 34mm Height 30mm Tube Quick Detach

I originally planned on using a Scalarworks LEAP Scope Mount on this “.300 Win Mag AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle” build project. Then I got to thinking about the popularity of the Spuhr scope mount with the competitive Precision Rifle crowd, the built-in scope leveling feature, precision construction, large surface area, and industry-leading QD mounting.

I chose the Spuhr QDP-3006 for its 34mm (1.34″) height, 30mm scope tube diameter, and zero moa elevation. I chose the zero moa version because I used a Nightforce scope base with 20 moa elevation.

Available from Eurooptic, Brownells, and Optics Planet

Spuhr QDP 30mm Mount Height 34mm/1.35″ 0 MIL/0 MOA Quick Detach QDP-3006

The Spuhr QDP Mount is an extremely sturdy one-piece scope mount that clamps directly to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny receiver rail or base. It combines the rock-solid stability of Spuhr’s proven Ideal Scope Mounting System (ISMS) with easy-to-operate quick-release levers that let you attach and remove the Spuhr QDP Mount from your rifle with the mount and the scope as a single unit.

The Spuhr QDP Mount has 45-degree split rings designed so the bulkiest part of the rings is not in your line of sight of the scope turrets. Another innovation is a bubble level built into the base to help you make sure the rifle is perfectly level, helping you control another important variable in long-range shooting.

  • Models available to accept a variety of scope tube diameters
  • Machined from a single billet of aluminum for maximum resistance to flexing under recoil
  • 10-degree wedge to help you properly align the scope in the rings
  • Accepts Spuhr Accessory Interface Mounts for attaching red dot sights, cosine indicators & other accessories

The Spuhr QDP Mount covers a critical gap often overlooked, even by serious long-range target shooters: the scope mount. If you have the best target rifle and high-end glass, why compromise the performance of both with a cheap scope mount?

Spuhr QDP-3006 One Piece Scope Mount 34mm Height 30mm Tube Quick Detach

Spuhr QDP-3006 One-Piece Scope Mount 34mm Height 30mm Tube Quick Detach

Upgrade your long-range shooting setup with Spuhr’s 30mm Quick-Detach Mount System! This versatile scope mount is equipped with eight sets of interfaces to attach over 40 different accessories providing almost unlimited customization options. The interfaces on the rings are aligned with the scope regardless of the tilt, so any accessories attached will be in-line with the optic, and the interfaces on the mount body are aligned with the mounting surface and do not have any tilt.

The Quick-Detach Mount’s overall design has been optimized for long-range shooting and includes features such as diagonally cut rings for increased visibility of the windage and elevation turrets, and an integrated bubble-level to prevent canting of the rifle. The ring’s interior contact surfaces also have grooves that can be used with adhesive to better secure the scope in place, this option is perfect for firearms prone to severe vibrations such as bench-rest shooters or for those used in off-road vehicles. In addition, this scope mount features a centerline height of 1.35-inches, a suitable height to provide clearance for scopes with larger objective lenses such as 56mm, as well as for use with night vision devices on extended Picatinny rails.



  • Rings: 30mm (will fit most 30mm scopes, except those with extended erector housings)
  • Centerline Height: 1.35” (34mm)
  • Length: 4.96” (126mm)
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces
  • Tilt: 0 MIL/MOA
  • 10-degree wedge included


Prevents damage on scope due to flexing during heavy recoil or rough environment. The sniper’s rifle and the spotter’s carbine can have the same mount, enabling the use of the same equipment and accessories. Rings are grooved inside to get a better grip of the scope and enable gluing of the scope. The mount is milled out of one billet of material instead of being screwed together from small parts.

Scope Rotation

Patent-pending solution for indexing the rotation of the scope, using an included tool/gauge to index the scope correctly to the mount and gun. Important since an incorrectly indexed scope unintentionally will also have a sideways adjusted point of impact and since it will be adjusted sideways when it is adjusted for elevation.

Mounting Placements

Traditionally lasers have been mounted on the forend of the rifle, a solution with drawbacks. For the same reasons you don′t want your barrel to touch the forend, you don′t want the sights to be mounted on the forend. Our mounting system has a minimum of seven interfaces for accessories and the laser can easily be mounted on the mount, giving the advantage of an undisturbed laser and a weight more central on the gun instead of forward.

Accessible and Readable Dials

The rings are cut 45 degrees instead of the usual horizontal, providing several advantages. The screws holding the parts together are not in the way of the knobs, thus the shooter can quickly determine the settings of the knobs. It also gives the shooter a horizontal line that helps the shooter not to rotate his gun unintentionally. The rings have index marks on the top and right side, making low knobs more easily readable.


Possibility of using various accessories such as angle cosine indicator, backup sights, lasers, illuminators, Night vision mounts, etc. With traditional mounts, this can be achieved only if there is sufficient space on the middle tube for additional rings, which there rarely is. Ideal Scope Mount Systems have interface surfaces directly on the mount, making it possible to mount accessories either by Picatinny rails or as direct interfaces for certain accessories such as angle cosine indicators and red dot sights. A selection of interfaces for popular accessories are available, and others can be made to specification.

Nightforce 1 Piece M700 LA 20 MOA Base A112

Nightforce 1 Piece M700 LA 20 MOA Base A112

There are many choices when it comes to selecting scope bases; however, in my opinion, there are only two choices, Nightforce and Badger Ordnance. For this “.300 Win Mag AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle” project I chose the Nightforce 1 Piece M700 LA 20 MOA Base A112. Both brands provide more surface contact with the action than the competition, and more surface contact equals a more secure mount that won’t loosen up under fire. I went with the 20 moa cant for any extended ranges I will encounter here in New England.  Why did I select the Nightforce over Badger Ordnance? The Badger Ordnance costs $45 more than the Nightforce, $165 versus $120.

Available from Eurooptic

Nightforce 1 Piece M700 LA 20 MOA Base A112

An integral recoil lug machined on the bottom of the base (Remington 700) provides a precise fit when bedded to rifle actions, preventing any movement of the base or recoil stress on screws holding the base to the receiver. Our one-piece bases are machined to exact Mil. Std. 1913 specification rail dimensions. This design allows the same scope to be used on several different rifles, always optimizing eye relief. A 20 Minute of Angle (MOA) taper is standard, with a 40 MOA taper offered for Remington 700 bases. Designed for right-or left-hand actions, our bases will never interfere with loading or extraction.


Specifications for NightForce Remington 700 One-Piece 20MOA Base, Long Action, Black, A112

  • 847362003047
  • MPNA112
  • RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION – The scope bases match the receiver contour, ensuring straight and true alignment; scallops on the side will not interfere with loading or extraction
  • HIGH-QUALITY BASE – Bases are constructed from heat-treated, high-strength steel and CNC machined from a single steel billet to closely match the receiver contour
  • BEST USES – These Nightforce steel bases are best used when installed on a 20 MOA; 20 MOA is generally used for shooting 500 – 1000 + yards depending on your scope and caliber
  • COMPATIBLE WITH – Nightforce X-Treme Duty bases are designed to fit long action Remington 700 guns; 2-piece and 1-piece configurations are available for this model
  • NOTE – Clean all mating surfaces thoroughly before mounting; use a torque wrench and do not exceed recommended torque values (Base Screws: 25 in-lb)


Atlas Bipod BT47-NC PSR Tall No Clamp

Atlas Bipod BT47-NC PSR Tall No Clamp

Selecting the Atlas BT47-NC PSR Tall Bipod was one of the more difficult choices for the “Accuracy International AT AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle .300 Win Mag” build. The difficulty was not with the brand choice, and I always knew I would be purchasing a B&T Atlas PSR bipod. My difficulty came from choosing between the Atlas BT47-NC PSR and the Atlas BT46-NC PSR models.
What’s the difference between the Atlas BT47-NC PSR and the Atlas BT46-NC PSR? The BT46-NC has a height range of 5.0″ – 9.4″. The BT47-NC has a height range of 6.2″ – 12.5″. The BT46-NC is best suited for shooting from a bench while the BT47-NC is best suited for shooting from a prone position. 

Atlas BT47-NC PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) Tall No Clamp

The BT47-NC PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) Atlas Bipod Tall “No Clamp” model has a two-hole pattern of 1.100” with the holes being 10/32 threads. It requires any 17S size lever-style mount to include the ADM-170-S, ARMS 17S, TRAMP from Badger Ordnance, LT271, or any ARCA dovetail mount with the same hole pattern. The BT47-NC will also mount directly to our BT19 AI Spigot or BT70 M-LOK® Adapter.

It is comprised of 6061-T6 aluminum, except the strengthened inner legs which are made from 7075-T6 aluminum that are Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized and have heat-treated, stainless steel components. Includes two 10-32 x 3/8″ flathead socket screws. Available in black only.

The PSR series of Atlas Bipods were developed for the SOCOM PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) Weapons System (BT46-LW17 was selected for SOCOM PSR).

  • Height Range: 6.2 – 12.5″ (8.3” at 90°)
  • Preloaded Pan: 30 degrees
  • Preloaded Cant: 30 degrees
  • Position Button 0.5″ diameter
  • Fore and Aft pivot limiting Bosses
  • 5 leg positions: 0, 45, 90, 135 & 180 degrees
  • Non-Rotating Legs: outer leg does not rotate around the inner leg
  • Larger, stronger inner legs
  • Weight: 12.86 ounces approx.
  • Footprint: 10-14.5″


  • NC: NClamp – Atlas PSR Series Bipod Video Tutorial
  • UHMW components used for smooth tracking
  • Preload on Pan and Cant can be tightened by means of the knurled knob
  • Picatinny Rail Mount interface by either standard machine screw fastener based clamp or optional ARMS 17S lever mount
  • Independent, intentional, and non-orientated leg positioning allows either hand to move the leg into any of the five-leg positions
  • Solid leg positions allow the shooter to load the bipod at 45 and 90-degree positions.
  • Non-orientated leg length adjustment done by either hand: Outer leg slides on the Inner leg locating on any of five positions ¾” apart
  • Optional 3” Leg Extensions to increase height
  • Standard soft, durable Rubber feet that are suitable for many surfaces
  • Optional interchangeable Ski, Spike, Cleat, and Spiked Cleat Feet easily swapped in the field with the press of a stainless steel plunger with a bullet tip
  • Optional mounting systems available for Accuracy International rifles

Atlas Bipod BT19 Atlas Accuracy International Spigot (AAIS)


Atlas Bipod BT19 Atlas Accuracy International Spigot (AAIS)

The BT19 Atlas Accuracy International Spigot (AAIS) is designed for use with any NC (No Clamp) style Atlas Bipod that mounts directly to the AAIS which plugs into the Accuracy International AI/AICS stocks utilizing the factory retention/release mechanism. The evolution of long-range shooting and shooter’s demand drove subtle changes to the BT19. The latest modification stops the 3 to 9 rotation. It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum that is Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized mated with an alloy steel Spigot that is finished with a Manganese Phosphate. Available in black only.


Accuracy International AT AICS Chassis Long Range Precision Rifle Miscellaneous Accessories



  • Armageddon Gear Trojan Rifle Cover
  • Spuhr External Bubble Level Assembly A-0119 (Anti-Cant Device aka Scope Level)
  • Tenebraex Scope Cover with Adapter Ring for the Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 | Black | Ocular | UAC001-FCR
  • Tenebraex Scope Cover with Adapter Ring for the Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 | Black | Objective | 56NFCC-FCR
  • Wheeler Digital Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench
  • Damage Industries Flush Cup QD “D” Sling Swivel 10021
  • Loctite Blue 243



TAB Gear Elite Biathlon Sling

TAB Gear Elite Biathlon Sling with Hooks, Coyote Brown

TAB Gear Elite Biathlon Sling

Available from Eurooptic

TAB Gear Elite Biathlon Sling

TAB Gear Elite Biathlon Sling: the solution to carrying a heavy rifle for long distances.

The padded shoulder straps distribute the weapon’s load to both shoulders, instead of one, resulting in less shooter fatigue after long periods of travel. Having the load centered on the back aids in maintaining better balance when using two hands for other tasks such as carrying a primary weapon, or navigating steep terrain.

The integrated shooting loop (available on the Regular and Elite models) can be deployed to allow the shooter to rapidly sling up for much steadier positional shooting.

Both straps are easily adjustable and utilize a buckle to make the sling fast and easy to remove if necessary.

The biathlon slings do not require a conversion kit in order to fit it to different rifles.  You will need to just have additional attachments to fit your stock.  So if you purchase a biathlon sling with Flush Cups and you have another rifle that requires HK hooks, you will just need to have a set of HK hooks.

TAB Gear Elite Biathlon Sling Features and Specifications

  • 1.5″ Mil-Spec Webbing
  • 1 ½” Fastex buckles or Elite Cobra buckles
  • Elastic keepers secure adjustable strap ends
  • Water-resistant 1000D Cordura® shoulder straps
  • Dual Layers of closed-cell, waterproof, foam in the shoulders provide comfort and support
  • User adaptability, the shooter can change out swivels to fit different weapon systems
  • Adjustable loop for shooting support (not available in Simple Sling)
  • Made in Texas with US-made materials!
  • Lifetime Warranty


Savior Urban Warfare Double Rifle Case 55

Savior Urban Warfare Double Rifle Case 55"

Savior Urban Warfare Double Rifle Case 55

Available from Amazon

Savior Urban Warfare Double Rifle Case 55

The Urban Warfare case gives the look that sets your equipment apart from others while maintaining a low-profile design. With a 600d polyester exterior and interior shell, MOLLE compatible webbing; woven cinch straps, durable side release buckles, lockable zippers, double-stitched seams, and a morale patch panel. The case features hook & loop lockdown straps; a full-length removable padded divider; lays completely flat when opened; an external double pistol pocket; 2 large padded pistol sleeves; 2 zippered mesh pockets; 2 additional exterior accessory pockets; removable backpack straps and adjustable shoulder strap.

Savior Urban Warfare Double Rifle Case 55″ Size & Dimensions

  • External Size – 55” L x 12.75” H x 7” W
  • Internal Size – 54” L x 12” H
  • External Double Pistol Pocket Size – 30” L x 11” H
    Internal Pistol Sleeve Size – 13” L x 9.75” H
  • Exterior Accessory Pocket Size – 8” L x 10” H

Savior Urban Warfare Double Rifle Case Technical Specifications

  • 600D Polyester Exterior & Interior Shell
  • MOLLE Compatible Webbing
  • Woven Cinch Straps
  • Durable Side Release Buckles
  • Lockable Zippers
  • Double-Stitched Seams
  • Morale Patch Panel
  • Hook & Loop Fasteners