Mcrees G5 G7 Rifle Stock System | Rifle Chassis System

Mcrees G5 G7 Rifle Stock System – Another hat tip to Josh at Criterion Barrels for letting us know about the existence of Mcree’s Precision. Best we can tell the difference between the G5 and G7 series is the G7 series includes an anti-cant device (level). Typically we add a US Optics Fixed Anti-Cant Device to our precision rifles. Nice to see it integral on a rifle chassis. We will own one soon.


Picture of a Mcrees G5 G7 Sniper Rifle Stock System

Mcrees G5 G7 Rifle Stock System

The Mcrees G5 G7 Rifle Stock System is available for the following bolt action rifles.

  • Remington Model 700
  • Savage 110
  • Tikka
  • FNH
  • Surgeon
  • Stiller
  • Kelby
  • Borden
  • Bighorn
  • Shihlen
  • Defiance
  • Pierce


From the Manufacturer:

Mcrees G5-G7 Rifle Stock Systems that use AR15 Rear Parts Sets

Our stock systems come in many different configurations. These models utilize AR15 rear parts like the *magpul *CTR/MOE carbine rear sections. We have simple and clean, less expensive models and options or you can go full tilt and get Tactical, embedded levels, folders you name it.
The G5-AR System comes with out an embedded level, it may be all you need. The G7-AR System comes with an embedded “Anti-Cant” level.
The G5-AR and G7-AR can be purchased with Hunter or Tactical fore ends, if you don’t need to mount Night Vision you may choose to save a little money.
These 2 systems are an instant conversion to detachable magazines, accuracy international style magazines. All come Harris Bi-pod ready. All have locations already drilled and tapped underneath the fore arm and just forward of the mag well for mounting other bi-pods, tripod and a mono-pod under the back end. All systems use the ‘Push Button’ sling ends.

Mcrees G5 G7 Rifle Stock System