Picture of a Surgeon RACS Limited Sniper Rifle


Surgeon Rifles is part of Strategic Arms Corp the same folks who own Armalite, McMillan Firearms, Nexus Ammunition and AWC Silencers. It’s interesting to see Surgeon Rifles employee competitive hardware in to their fine sniper rifles. The fact that they use AICS, Cadex and JAE rifle chassis isn’t really surprising but I am very surprised a Remington RACS chassis fitted rifle in their line-up. Im not only surprised they would use the chassis I am also surprised Remington would permit it. These two companies Surgeon Rifles and Remington our head to head competitors on many fronts. Perhaps this an endorsement of how good the RACS chassis is or maybe this is a sniper rifle built to a special units specifications. I can only speculate.


The Surgeon Rifles SURGEON RACS LIMITED (SRL) was designed for elite law-enforcement and military users around the world. Featuring the new 591MR short action, the SRL is built in the Remington Accessory Chassis System (RACS™) This modular chassis allows for endless adjustment and customization with auxiliary rail sections and a fully adjustable folding buttstock.

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  • Action – Surgeon 591MR Short Action
  • Available Calibers – .223 Rem | 6.5 Creedmoor | .260 Rem | .308 Win
  • Barrel – Match Grade Stainless Steel 5R, No Flutes
  • Barrel Length – 16″ – 24″
  • Muzzle – Surgeon PSR Muzzle Brake – AWC Suppressor Ready
  • Bolt Knob – Round Bolt Knob
  • Stock – Remington Accessory Chassis System (RACS™)
  • Trigger – Jewell Adjustable (Factory Set at 2.5lbs)
  • Magazine – 5rd AI Factory Magazine (10rd Available)
  • Finish – Cerakote
  • Optional Suppressor  – AWC THOR PSR
  • Includes – (1) 5 Round Magazine, Locking Hard Case
2017 Surgeon Rifles Catalog

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Remington Defense RACS M40A6 USMC Chassis 86485

Picture of a Remington Defense RACS M40A6 USMC Chassis 86485

Remington Defense RACS M40A6 USMC Chassis 86485

This Remington Defense RACS M40A6 USMC Chassis 86485 features a sturdy platform for precision shooting, 20 MOA full length picatinny rail, captive action screws, 3 sections of picatinny rail section plus one Harris bipod adapter and a folding RACS stock. The operator friendly RACS also features a free-float tubular design, fully featured front handguard, the ability to attach auxiliary rail sections to any of the seven facets of the octagonal handguard tube. The pistol grip is rubber with a good grip surface and excellent ergonomics. The pistol grip is interchangeable with standard AR grips if you would prefer something else.

The patent pending Remington Accessory Chassis System (RACS) incorporates state-of-the-art operator-defined attributes such as a free-float tubular design and a fully featured front handguard section. Operator-selectable auxiliary rail sections in various lengths can be attached to any of the seven remaining facets of the octagonal handguard, which allows the operator to install clip-on in-line night vision systems. The folding RACS buttstock provides the operator with a wide variety of adjustments to allow setting the system to suit the shooter and the operating conditions.

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This chassis does not come with a magazine but does take Accuracy International AICS magazines:


Additional Rifle Chassis Systems Below

Remington M2010 Barreled Action Unboxing

Remington M2010 Barreled Action Unboxing

Remington M2010 Barreled Action Unboxing

Fresh off the UPS truck and out the door of my local gunshop, my Remington M2010 barreled action is home where it belongs. This this Remington Barreled Action is the heart of the United States Army M2010 Sniper Rifle, formerly known as the Remington XM2010.

Remington M2010 Barreled Action Unboxing, Product Label Picture

Remington M2010 Barreled Action Product Label

The Remington M2010 Barreled Action features a .300 Winchester Magnum chambered, 22 inch fluted, 1:10 twist, 5R barrel threaded 5/8-25 for an Advanced Armament Corp flash hider. The included trigger is the battlefield proven Remington M24 trigger.

My plan for this M2010 is to mate it up with a Cadex Defence modular chassis system to closely emulate the XM2010 Sniper Rifle. There will be differences though as my end use is that of a civilian and not a US Army sniper.

M2010 Sniper System,Systematically Eliminating All Variables

The M24 is based on the legendary Model 700™ and 40-X™ rifles. Its unmatched accuracy and reliability have made it the standard in long-range tactical situations. Over 15,000 sold since 1988. The Remington Sniper Weapon Systems make outfitting your operation efficient and simple.

From the basic M24 Sniper System – the standard for the U.S. Army since 1988 – to the advanced M2010 configuration, we include the world-famous rifle and all the premium, service-proven components you need. Remington® was awarded the U.S. M2010 Army Enhanced Sniper Rifle (ESR) contract in September 2010 to reconfigure up to 3,600 M24 Sniper Weapon Systems after a full and open competition.

Designed as an upgrade to the venerable M24 SWS, the M2010 comes configured with the Remington® Arms Chassis System (RACS). The M2010 gives the sniper greater capability, lethality and flexibility offered by the 300 Winchester Magnum round, a detachable box magazine, a Leupold® variable powered optic, full rail systems for mounting of ancillary equipment and signature reduction in the form of an AAC TiTAN QD suppressor.