Drake TiTAN Titanium Barrel System

Drake TiTAN Titanium Barrel System

Chris Drake at Drake Associates just passed on this news release for your viewing pleasure.

Drake Titanium Stalker

The Drake Titanium Stalker also features the lightweight, Drake TiTAN Titanium Barrel System. This precision rifle was designed as an alternative to the military’s M24E program, with a similar mission profile that features high performance options at an affordable price.

The Drake TiTAN Titanium Barrel System by Drake Associates is a HIGH PERFORMANCE, LIGHT WEIGHT, LONG RANGE PRECISION BARREL SYSTEM that is manufactured under a US patent-pending process that increases the strength and reduces barrel weight by as much as 45%. An important application for the TiTAN™ Barrel System is a upgrade and retrofit for US Military and US Law Enforcement sniper weapon systems, Civilian Tactical Shooters and Long Range Hunters precision rifles.

If you’re looking for a high performance barrel system, the TiTAN™ will not disappoint. With the weight of a sporter barrel in a titanium heavy profile contour, this barrel system is no match for carbon fiber wrapped barrels.

Drake Associates currently offers the Titanium Barrel System with the Hunter Stalker and Drake Stalker Rifle Systems. Also available to order for Remington and Savage Bolt Action rifle systems as well as AR15/AR10 and 308AR rifle systems.

Drake Hunter Stalker Titanium "TiTAN"

Drake Hunter Stalker Titanium “TiTAN”

Hunter Stalker Titanium “TiTAN” 

The Hunter Stalker rifle system that was designed for the hunter, tactical marksman and law enforcement sniper is now available with the titanium barrel.

This precision rifle features a Savage Action with a LWSS universal chassis by Drake Associates. Left and right hand models available.

For more information and specs head over to DrakeAssociates.us

Drake TiTAN Titanium Barrel System

Drake TiTAN Titanium Barrel System

The TiTAN™ Barrel System truly delivers accuracy, vibration reduction, strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and significant weight reduction.

Drake TiTAN Titanium Barrel System