Timney 510 Thin Trigger with Safety

Timney 510 Thin Trigger

Timney 510 Thin Trigger

Timney 510 THIN Trigger

In Phoenix Arizona, there are some of the nicest and friendliest people in the shooting community. These people prove on a daily basis that good old fashioned customer service is in fact alive and well. These people are within the walls of a company called Timney Triggers in Phoenix Arizona. The Timney Triggers company has been in the  “Trigger Business” probably longer than anyone else, since 1946. They got their start making aftermarket triggers for Mauser, Springfield, and Enfield Rifles. Today they manufacture triggers for just about every common rifle as well as some surprises like SCAR Rifles and IWI Tavor.

Recently Timney subtly announced you can throw away the Remington factory X-Mark Pro trigger and drop in the new Timney 510 Thin Remington 700 Trigger. The trigger housing is heat-treated steel and features a trigger blocking safety. The 3-pound trigger pull model is available in left and right-hand versions with black or nickel finish.



The Timney 510 THIN trigger is 1/4″ in width and comes with a safety that blocks the trigger, not the sear. No screws, drilling, or tapping required.

The Model 510 THIN will bring a whole new realm of accuracy to your Remington rifle, Remington 700 Clone Action. Each trigger is geometrically identical with tolerances less than .0005”. adjustable from 1.5 to 4 lbs.

How is the Timney Remington 700 trigger different from the factory trigger? There are two major differences. The first is that the trigger and sear in the Timney Trigger Group is made from a solid block of heat treated steel, not casted nor metal injected, allow for closer tolerance and precision.

The second difference is that our 510 trigger comes with a trigger blocking safety; that means there’s no way to move the trigger when it’s on safe, so when you take it off safe the trigger stays in the same position it started from.

Timney 510 Thin Trigger for REMINGTON 700






Rifle Basix Remington ERV-3 K Trigger Installed, Remington 700

Rifle Basix Remington ERV-3 K Trigger

Rifle Basix Remington ERV-3 K Trigger Installed

Rifle Basix Remington ERV-3 K Trigger Installed

Rifle Basix Remington ERV-3 K Trigger

Rifle Basix Remington ERV-3 K Trigger Installed – A Rifle Basix Remington ERV-3 K trigger kit installed in a brand new Remington 700 barreled action. It was quite easy to install.  I have seen images that show the trigger kit in pieces. The trigger kit actually comes fully assembled and held together with plastic retainers. The included directions pictures were unreadable. Rifle Basix should do a better job with the instructions. There’s a good video on youtube of a 3d rendering of the installation. Most steps are irrelevant though due to the trigger being fully assembled and utilizing the Rifle Basix safety rather than the Remington. 5-7oz pull from the factory.

For folks not used to a premium low pull weight trigger your shots need to be very methodical and of course careful. THIS IS NOT A HUNTING TRIGGER, it’s a precision target trigger. Do not let others shoot your rifle without proper training and instruction. keep the muzzle in a safe direction. Keep the weapon unloaded until your in the shooting position.

  1. Finger off trigger
  2. Bolt back
  3. Apply Safety
  4. Gently close bolt
  5. Get on target
  6. Turn off safety
  7. Pull the trigger
  8. Finger off the trigger
  9. Repeat from the top

Do not close the bolt with the safety off. The firearm can fire from the jarring, vibration and the inertia of simply moving the firearm.


Remington 700 Rifle Basix ERV-3 K Trigger Installed




PMAG® 10 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action

PMAG® 10 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action - Magpul

PMAG® 10 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action – Magpul

AICS is the acronym used to describe the Accuracy International Chassis System for the Remington 700 Model Rifle. It was designed by and for competitive shooters for for long range competition and military applications. One of the biggest drawbacks of the AICS has been the cost of the magazines at well over $100. Well that is about to change. Magpul has once again done what they do best and introduced a magazine, the PMAG® 10 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action. If the PMAG® 10 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action proves reliable in the field it will no doubt at $35 be a game changer for Remington 700 and AICS shooters.

  • Rugged polymer construction
  • Compatible with AICS spec bottom metal
  • Made in the USA


The PMAG® 10 7.62 AC – AICS  Short Action is a reliable and durable polymer magazine compatible with AICS-spec bottom metal and short action cartridges built on a 0.470″ case head. The 5 round capacity magazine is ideal for hunting regulation compliance, but the follower can be easily modified by the user to increase the capacity of the magazine to 6. The PMAG® 10 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action is ideal for competition or combat use when those extra rounds are crucial. Built using M3 technology, this magazine is advanced in both material and manufacturing processes, and Magpul has given it more features to make it the most advanced, reliable bolt action magazine on the market.


  • Technical Information
  • Caliber: 308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Body Material: Polymer
  • Base pad: Polymer

Huber Concepts Remington 700 Trigger


Huber Concepts Remington 700 Trigger Huber Concepts Remington 700 Trigger

I was researching a new Remington 700 trigger, something different and I happened upon Huber Concepts Remington 700 Trigger on Amazon of all places. The description below as well as Huber Concepts read like an infomercial. Not that that will stop me from trying one of these triggers myself to see how it stacks up to all my other rifle triggers. I’m going to email the manufacturer for further information. Stay tuned

Patented Trigger Technology & Superior Trigger Designed for the Shooter

U.S. Patents utilizing anti friction ball bearings and theory of physics/time and tactile physiology. Unlike other lever triggers that stack time, Huber Concepts uses higher order mathematics and considering the moments just prior to breaking the shot. Huber triggers are a two plate hanger cartridge embodying the trigger elements, sear, and internal redundant safety. Inspired for two stage as low as a 1 ½#, but capable of single stage as low as a ½#. Effect use of trigger amounts to three to four fold improvement to shot accuracy and with group size reduction by 50% from 100 yards to out beyond 2000 yards. Designed to improve the shooter proficiencies and discipline. Exceeds Tradoc, Form & Function durable for 100,000 shots, last shot as clean & smooth as the first. Remington OEM trigger-mounted lower bolt stop lever option available. Safeties available: RH, LH, Trigger-guard (Bottom). Triggers are shipped drop-in ready, to your selected stage, break weight, safety. Because of all of the problems are you interested in replacing your recalled Remington 700 Rifle trigger?  Huber Concepts puts the shooter closer to the exact break moment of the trigger pull, giving you complete and total certainty and trigger control. Instead of spending money on a trigger job, trigger adjustment, x mark pro, Jewel, Rifle Basix, or  Timney trigger try a Huber Concepts and feel the difference.