About Modular Rifle

For the most part the basic bolt action rifle design has not changed much in well over 100 years. In it’s simplest form the bolt action rifle has consisted of a steel receiver and barrel fitted to a stock made of wood, fiberglass, plastic or some combination of those materials. These simple, accurate rifles have served hunters, target shooters, military and law enforcement agencies well for ages. This isn’t to say there isn’t room for improvement. Today with modern manufacturing methods, powerful computers I believe the future of bolt action rifles is on the brink of a historic and evolutionary change. Not only do I want to be part of this change I want to be a voice at the forefront helping drive it. It’s my hope that withing the pages and posts this site I can bring rifle shooters the latest relevant rifle and rifle chassis news. These pages will also serve as an online archive to preserve historic information on the evolution of these modular rifles, actions and the chassis used to build them. Lastly there will always be a few projects for visitors to follow along with. These projects serve to educate visitors as well as fill my safe.


About Me

First off I do not claim to be a firearms expert. In fact all my sites are about teaching other what I know and teaching what I learn as I go along. My inbox is always open for corrections, improvements and additions!

About me: My name is Andrew I was born in 1966. At the time of my birth I was immediately granted ownership of